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Mason Ale Works was originally established in 2015 in Oceanside, CA, by the team behind one of San Diego’s premier craft beer hospitality groups. Armed with years of knowledge from serving the finest ales and lagers in the country to their guests, Mason was crafted from the ground up to offer the very best San Diego had to offer; a refreshing Mexican style lager to quench your thirst, a precisely balanced west-coast IPA for a crisp summer night and a revolving team of juice bomb hazy IPA’s that rival some of the best money can buy. Always eager to try something new, mason brews over 100 different beers each year, so you’ll always see us pushing boundaries. Mason Ale Works: Craft Built


masters of the craft


year-round signature beers




grant tondro

head mason

Grant has been involved in the beverage alcohol industry since 1996.  What started as a part time job in a local grocery store grew in lock step with the brewing culture that was taking over San Diego in the early 2000's.  After 5 years in retail and another 5 years working for a national distributor, Grant set out with a group of friends to get Mason off the ground.  

Two Truths and a Lie...

1) i was briefly in a ska band that opened for weezer

2) i'm a certified kitchen and bath designer

3) After losing a bet, I had a tattoo of a unicorn with a lightsaber put on my lower back


tyler lynch

production manager

Tyler Lynch has worn many hats in his decade-long career. As both an award-winning Brewer and winemaker Tyler has concocted highly rated Hazy IPAs as well as Mazer cup winning Meads and Ciders with his time as Head of Production at one of the worlds leading meaderies and managed one of the largest barrel aging programs in the western US. He has taken the considerable breath of his career to craft our ales and lagers at Mason.​


Two Truths and a Lie...

1) former production manager at Superstition Meadery
2) has thrown a 92 mph fastball
enjoys the fine art of ice sculpting


taylor allen

chain accounts consultant

Taylor has worked for some of the largest breweries in San Diego and lends his expertise to House of Mason with Local, Regional and National Chains.  His hustle is unparalleled and he comes to Mason with his A-game for bringing our fantastic ales and lagers to the stores you love.



Two Truths and a Lie...

1) beverage industry veteran specializing in launching unique brands across several categories

2) Says Yo at least 25 times a day
3) Ryan Reynolds stunt double for the really nasty stunts


cesar torres

key account consultant, sd

Cesar is the SoCal hype-man for House of Mason.  A long-time veteran of the SoCal beer scene, Cesar is six degrees of Kevin Bacon away from just about everyone.  Hit him up for any craft needs…or recommendations for the best spot to grab a drink.

Two Truths and a Lie...

1) Co-Founder of the Emo Brown Foundation

2) Certified by the National Weather Service to name all Hurricanes that come up from Baja California
3) Owner of over 45 different branded baseball hats


nick cromell

national distribution manager

Nick sunk his teeth in the beverage alcohol business over ten years ago with Karl Strauss Distributing.  Having done everything from meeting with Beverage buyers for national chains to building orders and loading trucks, Nick is the Swiss Army Knife that keeps Mason functioning behind the scenes.



Two Truths and a Lie...

1) worked with Karl Strauss Distributing for 10 years
2) lived in South Africa for 6 months
3) knows all the words to "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion

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