Charley Hustle

red ipa  |  6.8% alc/vol

A deep and rich hoppy ale of the first order

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. You have to be prepared to make your own luck. From head first slides to 18 hour work days, Charley Hustle is a beer for people who defy the odds and make their own fortune.

HOPS: Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, Centennial
AROMA: Toasted Carmel with Notes of Pine Resin & Citrus
TASTE: Complex maltiness contrasted by deep hop flavors and lingering bitterness.




west coast ipa  |  6.7% alc/vol

brewed with a unique blend of hops for a complex ipa

For those of us wishing for a great West Coast style IPA, Jambi is the genie you're looking for. Hopped up with a ton of Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra, this beer is aggressive but balanced. Great with food or on a summer day in the Playhouse.

HOPS: Amarillo, Cascasde, Simcoe, Mosaic
AROMA: Lemon, Grapefruit & Navel Orange
TASTE: Dry finish with an aggressive hop presence.



Willy Time

belgian style white ale  |  5.0% ALC/VOL

BREWED WITH bitter orange peel and coriander

Brewed with orange peel and coriander, Willy Time is the perfect beer for when there’s so much time and so little to see. We think you’ll keep reaching for another. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little more Willy Time!?

HOPS: German Magnum
AROMA: Citrus and Banana with notes of Clove
TASTE: Crisp and refreshing ale that's ideal for any meal. The perfect summer beer!




mexican-style lager  |  4.5% ALC/VOL

Brewed With pilsner, Vienna Malts mixed with German Hops

They say you have to give respect to get respect, unless you are born with it. Fortunately for everyone, I was born with it, and I'm very generous. Presenting 'Respeto', a light and refreshing Mexican Lager just in time for summer. At 4.5% ABV we can all get all of the 'Respeto' we deserve. 

HOPS: Mt. Hood
AROMA: Subtle sweetness
TASTE: Light and refreshing with notes of earthiness, citrus  and a clean finish. It will earn your Respect.



special releases


Brut Wayne

BRut IPA  |  7.0% ALC/VOL

Collaboration with Kern and Eagle Rock Brewing

“Dry, Effervescent, Complex…

Dry Hopped with a Blend of Mosiac, Nelson, and Hallertau Blanc for aromas of mango and lychee. A bone dry body with notes of white grapes, passionfruit, gooseberries. Brut Wayne is a balance between the extremes; focused and precise, coupled with intensity, power and flavor. 


ZFG: Blue Dream

BRut IPA  |  7.0% ALC/VOL

Limited Edition Release

  Named after a classic Santa Cruz creation, Blue Dream has all those flavors you love and more. With a unique combination of Comet, Zeus, Mandarina Bavaria, Waimea, Wakatu, and Nelson Hops. This dank blend has a sweet, earthy and berry aroma with euphoric flavors of white wine, coupled by luscious tangerine zest. A unique dry hopping schedule allows this Brut IPA to have extreme flavors, but with low bitterness and high carbonation.  Not only will it elevate your mood but leave you asking for another hit… 



Hazy IPA

6.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Citra, Mandarina Bavaria
AROMA: Sweet Orange, Vanilla
TASTE: Super smooth and full bodied. Sweet Orange Peel balanced by a touch of bitterness from juicy hops.

BRut of all evil abnormal Beer Collab

Brut IPA
7.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Waimea, Nelson, Motueka,
AROMA: Dry Citrus, Complex
TASTE: Extra dry and crystal clear, complex earthiness and extra carbonation.

DOuble Jambi

Double IPA
8.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Simcoe, Cascade, Citra, Amarillo

AROMA: Citrus Zest, Rich Hops,
TASTE:.Our Classic West Coast IPA bumped up a notch with even more hops. Classic notes of citrus, and pine. 

Curly Jefferson

Double IPA

8.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Vic Secret, Idaho 7, Simcoe, Mosiac, Citra  
AROMA: Peach, Stonefruit, Pine Needles
TASTE: Big and Juicy, Full of Bitter Hops. 

Queen Anne                      HUmble Sea COllab

Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Cherries, Cacao Nibs
9.6% AlC/VOL
HOPS: Magnum, Tettnager
AROMA: Dark Chocolate, Cherries
TASTE: Smooth as silk, dark and rich, big and boozy. 


Smoked Porter

6.0% ALC./VOL.
AROMA: Smokey, Complex
TASTE: Dark, Smooth, & Absurdly Complex. Subtle Smokiness that Comes from the Smoked Wheat. Portion of Proceeds goes to CA Wildfire Relief Fund.

Dubbel Jeopardy                        

Belgian Dubbel
7.8% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Magnum, EKG
AROMA:  Malt and Dark Sugar
TASTE: Mild Hoppiness, Little Lingering Bitterness and complex caramel.

Bear Gloves

Brown Ale
5.8% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Chinook, Centennial
AROMA: Toasted Malt, Dark Plums
TASTE: Medium Body notes of carmel, toffee, plums, and toasted biscuts. 

Czech Please

Czech Style Pillsner

5.2% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Green Ghost, Huel Melon, Magnum, Mandarina Bavaria
AROMA: Dry, Clean, Stone Fruit
TASTE: Citrusy and Stone Fruit with a smooth mouthfeel

Brut Lee                              Kern River Brewing Collab

Brut IPA
6.7 % ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Citra, Idaho 7, Centennial
AROMA: Fruit Forward, Floral
TASTE: Dry, Effervescent, and Crushable

Vera Lynn                           Beer to The Rescue Fundraiser

Double IPA
9.2 % ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Citra, Cascade, Chinook, Mosiac, Nelson
AROMA: Fruity Tropical
TASTE: Bright and Juicy, Tropical Fruit and Pine Notes. 

Fluffy bottoms

6.3 % ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Idaho 7, Cascade, Mosiac
AROMA: Herbal, Dry
TASTE: Classic West Coast IPA notes of big bitter citrus, grapefruit, and pine. 

Ferruginous                      Horus Aged Ales Collab

Double IPA
8.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Mosiac, Citra, Simcoe
AROMA: Big Boozy Tropical Fruit
TASTE: Pineapple, Guava, Peach,touch of citrus, well balanced hop bomb. 


6.4% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Amarillo, Nelson, Simcoe, H Blanc
AROMA: Hay, Cloves, Peach
TASTE: Classic banana notes, hop forward, with a spicy herbaceous finish.

Negra Respeto

Munich Dunkel
4.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: German Magnum, MT Hood
AROMA: Big Carmel, Malt, Sweet & Earthy
TASTE: A medium body lager with caramel and rich malts tones, balanced by a touch of hop incredibly smooth and surprisingly crushable

Disco Hippies

Blonde Ale
5.7% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Green Ghost, Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon, Warrior
AROMA: Faint Peaches, Light Malt, Earthy
TASTE: clean bitterness, with light tropical fruit afternotes.

Brighter Daze

American IPA
8.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Cascade, Citra, Chinook, Idaho 7, Centennial, Simcoe
AROMA: Pine Forest, Fresh Cut Citrus
TASTE:Traditional West Coast IPA with resiny pine and Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit notes. Finishes with a nice dry finish.


Blueberry, Blackberry Berliner Weisse
4.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Hersbrucker
AROMA: Yeasty, fresh picked berries, clean
TASTE: Tart, and crisp dark fruit notes with a light body with a yeasty clean lacing finish.

OG Kush
zfg series

7.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Chinook, Colombus, Mosiac, Idaho 7, Simcoe
AROMA: Tradtional West Coast Pine, Citus
TASTE: Dank and sticky, earthy, woodsy, with hints of lemon zest. 

agent zero
zfg series

6.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Cascade, Cenntinial, Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra, Mosiac
AROMA: Piney, Grapefruit Peel and Lemon Zest
TASTE: Classic West Coast Blend, Pine Forward and huge notes of Citrus, smooth easy finish.

seaside market collab

Blonde Ale
5.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Magnum, Tett, Simcoe
AROMA: Light Malt and Hop
TASTE: Easy drinker, round and smooth, perfect for having a few...or 7.

the duke

Triple IPA
10.7% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: A Blend of 9 American Hops
AROMA: Carmely, Sweet
TASTE: Crisp and refreshing tropical fruit notes, huge hop flavors with a big boozy body. A long dry finish cleans will have you wanting more.



Pocket Change

Milk Stout with Coffee
5.6% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: German Magnum
AROMA: Roasted Coffee, Dark Chocolate
TASTE: Our Classic “Cash” Coffee Stout is downsized to a more crushable format. With the same coffee and chocolate notes you love with less alcohol. With Added Lactose for a creamy finish.

jackie (nitro)

White Russian Inspired Cream Ale
6.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: German Magnum
AROMA: Subtle Coffee, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cacao
TASTE: Imperial Cream Ale Base with Vanilla, Cacao and Coffee; smooth and creamy with coffee, vanilla, and chocolate notes, The Dude would be proud.

andrew's forest                  One More Wave Collab

6.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Simcoe, Amarillo, Moasaic, Idaho 7
AROMA: Resinous pine with light citrus.
TASTE: Slight hop bitterness with tropical fruit, mango, apricot and pine.


Pale Ale
6.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Citra, Mosaic

AROMA: Malt, and Citrus
TASTE: Classic Pale Ale with notes of cartelized malt and mild hoppy backbone. 


Oktoberfest Ale

5.1% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Tett
AROMA: Toasted Bread, Light Hops
TASTE: Rich Malt, Toasted Bread, Hint of Hops, Firm & Silky Smooth Body.

Amber Hour                         

Amber Ale
5.7% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Amarillo, Cascade, Tett, Centennial
AROMA:  Light and Mild Malt
TASTE: Light Hop Notes with a Well Balanced Dose of Caramel, Medium Body, &
Very Crushable.

Saint Jimbo's Gate

Dry Irish Stout
5.1% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Magnum, EKG
AROMA: Roasty, Coffee, Dark Chocolate
TASTE: Heavy barley notes, with a smooth mild finish.

Ghallagher's Hammer

Strong Pale Ale

5.8% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Mosaic, Huel Melon, Mandarina Bavaria
AROMA: Floral, Grapefruit Zest
TASTE: High Hop Notes, with citrusy orange abound. 

Czech ya later            Mikkeller Baghaven Collab

Czech Style Pilsner
5.2% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Saaz
AROMA: Hop, Biscuit
TASTE: Sweet Malty biscuit, with a touch of bitterness, light and well balanced. 

Dry Donny's

Dry Hopped Pilsner
4.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: H Blanc, Saaz, German Magnum
AROMA: Spicy Herbs, Toasted Bread
TASTE: Traditional German pilser with a twist, classic smoothness with a hint of hops, clean finish.

Time Traveler

Triple IPA
10.9% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Amarillo, Chinook, Nelson, Summit
AROMA: Stone Fruit, Carmel
TASTE: Clean, Bitter, and Aggressive. Complex carmel sweetness, with delicate white wine charcteristics.  

c's get degrees

7.3% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: CTZ, Centennial, Cascade, Citra
AROMA: Piney, Citrus
TASTE: Dry Classic West Coast IPA with big pine, resin, and just a touch of citrus.  

grand daddy purps
zfg series

7.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Amarillo, Cascade, Wakatu, H. Blanc, Mosiac, Nelson
AROMA: Sweet Floral, Earthy
TASTE: Grape, berry notes with grapefruit, lemongrass, and tropical fruit. 

zero moustafa
offshoot collab

7.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Citra, Mosiac, Vic Secret, Amarillo
AROMA: Intense Hop and Foral
TASTE: Huge hop notes hit you in the face, while tropical fruit notes envelop you in a hug. A smooth and surprisingly low bitter finish will have you asking for more. 

modern times collab

Pastry Barley Wine
11.8% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Colombus, EKG
AROMA: Roasted Coffee, Freshly Baked Donuts
TASTE:  Taste like Breakfast at Tim Hortons eh'


4.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: H. Blanc, Saaz, German Magnum
AROMA: Bready, Light
TASTE: Dry, bready, well balanced, clean finish. 

brutus the oppulent

Golden Coffee Stout
6.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: German Magnum
AROMA: Freshly Baked Pies
TASTE: Full body, cinnamon, subtle black coffee notes.

red headed c&c

Imperial Red Ale
8.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Centennial, Colombus, Simcoe
AROMA: Big pine and citrus
TASTE: Full bodied and caramelly, with a big malt backbone.

riot girl

Cherry Berliner Weisse
5.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Hersbrucker
AROMA: Fresh Cherries
TASTE: Tart, crisp big notes of cherries, with a yeasty dry lacing finish. 

cup of dave

Imperial Coffee Stout
10.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: German Magnum
AROMA: Black Coffee, Dark Chocolate
TASTE: Deep coffee notes lead way to a to rich and viscous body. With full malt flavors this stout has big character (almost like Dave himself).

good grief

Brown Ale
6.1% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Chinook, Centennial
AROMA: Malty, Roasted Barley
TASTE: Mild smooth body, notes of caramel and molasses, with a mellow finish.

Avid Napper

American Barleywine
10.2 % ALC./VOL.
HOPS: CTZ, Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo
AROMA: Booze, Regret
TASTE: Plums, Malt, Dark Cherries

Mandela Effect

Nelson IPA
6.9% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Nelson, Cascade, Citra, Mouteka
AROMA: Lemongrass, Citrus
TASTE: Tons of tropical fruit with a mild piney bitterness. Slightly Earthy.

James H. Trotter

Peach Berliner Weisse
4.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Hersbrucker
AROMA: Honey, and Faint Peachy Goodness
TASTE: Slightly Sweet with a well balanced dose of acidity from this perfect summer beer.

Good Ol' Days                        Lost Abbey Collab

Brett Belgian Pale Ale
5.3% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Mosaic, EKG, Nelson
AROMA: Bretty, Funky, Lemon Zest
TASTE: Tart Fruit, Funky, and mild hoppiness. Intriguing yet delicious. 

Slippery When Wheat

American Wheat Ale

5.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Amarillo, Citra
AROMA: Pillowy Wheat, Orange Zest
TASTE: Full Body, Subtle Sweetness, with A Touch of Citrusy Bite from the Hops.

Czech Norris

Czech Style Pillsner

5.2% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Magnum, Tett, EKG, Saaz
AROMA: Dry, Clean, Bready
TASTE: Crisp and Brite, light hop notes. 

Crush TIme!                          Pure Project & Burgeon Collab

6.3% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Citra, Vic Secret, Mandarina Bavaria
AROMA: Soft Melon, Pineapple
TASTE: Delightfully crushable, big notes of tangerine, guava, pineapple, melon, and grapefruit.


 Double IPA
7.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Warrior, Chinook, Amarillo, Vic Secret, Mosiac, Cascade, Citra
AROMA: Lemon, Grapefruit, and Orange Peel
TASTE: Super Citrus forward IPA, Resinous Pine, Low bitterness, smooth finish

Partners in Crime

Extra Pale Ale
5.6% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Amarillo, Idaho 7, Centennial, Simcoe
AROMA: Delicate Stone Fruit
TASTE: Subtle Pine, Clean and Bitter Finish. 

black donny's

5.5% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: German Magnum,
AROMA: Malt, Coffee
TASTE: Dry, roasted coffee, and dark chocolate with a medium body.

blue dream
zfg series

7.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Colombus, Simcoe, M.Barvaria, Motueka, Vic Secret, Nelson
AROMA: Ripe Berries, Sweet, Earthy
TASTE: Mojito flavors of lemon lime, soft mild fruit, with light tropical notes

nacho gose best
pizza port collab

Tart Gose
3.7% ALC./VOL.
GRAINS: 2 Row, White Wheat, Acidulated Malt, Dextrin Malt, Rolled Wheat
AROMA: Grapefruit Zest, Lime
TASTE: A refreshing & Tart Gose brewed with Himalayan Salt, Coriander and Cilantro. 

special council
Resident Collab

Extra Special Bitter
5.3% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Warrior, EKG
AROMA: Fruity, Toasted Malt
TASTE: Medium malty body with a well balanced finish. 

gunnar noir

Black Rye IPA
7.4% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Vic Secret, Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo and Citra
AROMA: Chocolate and berries
TASTE: Smooth rich malts with a touch of rye spice complimented with tropical and citrus hops. You have nothing to be afraid of ... except the darkness.

marty mcrye

7.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: M. Barvaria, Huell Melo, Warrior
AROMA: Melon, Citrus
TASTE: Dry, Big IPA with notes of tangerine, fresh melon and spicy herb.

chill - bo swaggins

Session IPA
4.7% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Simcoe, Falconers Flight, Chinook, Denali, Idaho 7
AROMA: Back of a Home Depot Lumber Yard
TASTE: A resinous earthy IPA, with big notes of pine and citrus, light and easy.

kelly's heroes

Blonde Ale
5.6% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Warrior, Mt Hood
AROMA: Light, faint malt notes
TASTE: Light body with a clean bitterness, extremely crushable with a crisp finish.

snippy jack

Cranberry Berliner Weisse
5.0% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Hersbrucker
AROMA: Light and Yeasty, fresh pressed cranberries.TASTE: Soft and delicate, crisp and tart cranberries with a light lacing finish.

blanco diablo

Belgian Tripel
9.1% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: H. Blanc, Magnum, Saaz, Tettenger
AROMA: Yeast, Sweet
TASTE: Faint bananas, cloves, slightly sweet, big and boozy.

eazy does it
Dr. q collab

Session IPA
4.75% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Mosiac, Citra, Simcoe
AROMA: Tropical fruit and citrus
TASTE: Easy drinker, light body with a smooth and mellow finish.


Strawberry Pale Ale
5.8% ALC./VOL.
HOPS: Green Ghost
AROMA: Fresh and Fruity
TASTE: Citrus, kiwi, and stone fruit flavors of nectarines, peaches. Fresh strawberries from Cyclops Farms.