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jason de la torre

BREWER / cellarman

Jason got into the beer industry because Grant practically begged him to take a job at Urge Gastropub in Rancho Bernardo back in 2010.  He got bit by the bug pretty early on and after buying a homebrew set up from Dan Love at Mother Earth, he was hooked. As someone who has been on the Vans Warped Tour (Spell TORONTO) and graduated from Culinary School, Jason is the kind of guy that really gets into the things he is passionate about. He took a job with Golden Road in their restaurant but soon volunteered his way into the brewery by working packaging and cellar shifts. Eventually he was able work on the pilot system and even worked on a beer that was submitted to GABF back in 2013 (Mildly Handsome). He eventually moved back to San Diego and worked in the cellar and the lab at Saint Archer.  He is a jack of all trades with the amazing ability to make you feel welcome yet awkward at the same time.

Photo: Spark Photography / 92128 Magazine

Photo: Spark Photography / 92128 Magazine

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Zak, Grant and Nate met in 1993 while teepeeing a bathroom during Driver's Ed. High School friendships turned into a business partnership in 2007 when they opened their first restaurant together (The Barrel Room). Several others followed (Urge American Gastropub, Brothers' Provisions, Urge Gastropub & Whiskey Bank) and as their little business grew, they decided that their love for craft beer was calling them to open a brewery of their own. This group of friends does everything else at the brewery from sourcing spirit and wine barrels to making sure that there's enough tap handles in stock to fill orders.



We started a brewery as a means to contribute to a truly artisan craft. We believe in Friendship before Finance and are happy to help others in this industry as we have been helped by those that came before us. We are bold believers in the fact that a well made beer can cool your spirit and warm your soul.

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